Apple published iOS 9.3.3

published iOS 9.3.3

Apple published iOS 9.3.3 and it is from now on available for 44 devices as ‘over the air update’ or as iTunes Download receivable.

This Update includes mainly several miner bugfixes and performance enhancement. That means there aren’t really noticeable facile changes. It took overall 5 Beta versions until the final public release could be rolled out. Besides that iOS 9.3.3 is coincidentally the ninth version of iOS 9 but also simultaneously the last one. Because iOS 10 ist going to follow and this relatively soon, with many new features and enhancements. Parallel with iOS 9.3.3, the new iOS 10 Beta 3 has been released too, for “early birds” and developers.

For everyone who is interested in Jailbreaks applies the motto, if you have already a Jailbreak you probably should remain on your current iOS version.

Since for iOS 9.3.3 there is currently no official published Jailbreak. Anybody who has a lower iOS version installed on his devices and is interested on a Jailbreak. Is recommended to also stay on his current iOs version, if one is willingness taking all chances to not lose the ability for a jailbreak.



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