Jailbreak iOS 9.0-9.1

Jailbreak iOS 9.0-9.1

Jailbreak iOS 9.0-9.1

Before you move straight to jailbreaking you should do first of all a backup from your device! Usually everything works fine, but let’s assume a power breakdown occurs while the jailbreaking process is happening. In this case your OperatingSystem could brick, which results in data loss.

1. Switch your Phone to Airplane Mode.

Settings > Airplane Mode SliderOn on

2. Turn your Passcode off.

Settings > Touch ID & Code > (Passcode will be requested) > Turn Passcode Off.

3. Turn “Find my iPhone” off.

Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone > Find my iPhone SliderAus aus

4. Now you can download Pangu9!

For Windows Pangu 1.3.1 (Offizieller Download) (Our Mirror Server)
For MacOS Pangu 1.1.1 (Offizieller Download) (Our Mirror Server)

Official website: http://en.pangu.io

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5.  Connect your iOS device with your computer and press Start. Before that, you should not forget to quit iTunes and xCode.

6. Follow the simple steps as described. While this process, your device will turn off and on autonomous. Just wait a bit. On the end when everything was successful than there should appear a new App called “Cydia” on your dashboard. Now you are able to install trough Cydia every Application you want therefore you are now independent of Apple AppStore dictatorship

Apple has stopped signing those iOS Versions, this means you are not able to do an update nor you can downgrade to the called Versions. So you have to updated in that timeframe. At the time i am writing, all people who have devices with iOS 9.1 above, have to be patient until new Jailbreaks get published.

If you have any questions, write in the comments section below!

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